SEMINAR: Carlos Lemos Jr & Lucio ‘Lagarto’ Rodrigues

“The first thing he showed was How to Walk. The second thing was a Calf Slice.”

The academy was bustling with life before the Seminar. Professors Leao Marinho, Fletch and Zidane were in attendance welcoming the students into the academy. We were also joined by Professor Mark Elliot from Gracie Barra Trafford Quays who brought along a handful of his students.

Professors Lucio ‘Lagarto’ Rodrigues and Carlos ‘Escorrega’ Lemos Jr soon entered the Academy and greeted the Professors and Students.

When it was time to begin, the students lined up under the Red Shield.

Paul ‘Leao Marinho’ Hartley, Head Instruction & Gym Owner here at Gracie Barra Preston kicked things off by thanking everyone for taking time to attend, and welcomed Professors Lagarto and Lemos Jr.

Leao Marinho then handed over to Professor Lagarto who again thanked everyone for taking the time. Lagarto then told some entertaining stories about the Gracie Barra Preston academy, his involvement in its development and how pivotal Gracie Barra Preston has been to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the UK. This was followed by an introduction of Carlos Lemos Jr, where Lagarto talked about their background training together, under Master Carlos Gracie Jr in Brazil as well as some entertaining anecdotes about their time together more recently and their journey to GB Preston.

Escorrega then took over and expanded on what it was like to train with Lagarto and spoke to the students about Gracie Barra and his experiences in Jiu Jitsu including becoming multiple time World Champion.

Lemos Jr then began demonstrating some of the Jiu Jitsu techniques he had been working on.

The first thing he showed the class was how to walk. That is, of course, an oversimplification. Lemos Jr showed the class key aspects of navigating the Stand-Up aspects of a fight, focussing on posture, foot placement and timing. This he then expanded into some nice foot trips and throws.

The seminar was so busy we couldn’t all do it at once, so he had us pair up and make our way along the mats 3 pairs at a time tripping and throwing as we went. Occasionally he would interject on a pairs journey to make some small but critical alterations to their techniques.

This was a fun exercise and a great way to drill the moves. I found I learned a lot watching the other students perform the moves and picked up small details that I was able to apply on my turns.

We then took the fight to the ground, where Lemos Jr showed a very interesting attack from standing open guard that had us quickly and with ruthless efficiency transition into a very painful and effective Calf Slice. Many of the students in the room were White Belts, and the technique was quote advanced, but Lemos Jr was able to communicate the intricacies of the technique in an easily digestible format and it wasn’t long before everyone in the room was performing the technique efficiently and effectively.

Using Professor Zidane to demonstrate, Lemos Jr then took the students through a series of What If scenarios and delivered an effective and often painful answer. The students then paired up and practiced each of the scenarios and resulting techniques.

This was all capped off with some light sparring where people were pulling off the moveset.

This was a very enjoyable seminar and should Carlos Lemos Jr make another visit to Gracie Barra Preston, my name will be on this list.

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